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What I can do for you

UX Design

It should be obvious what users should do when they see your website within 1 second. If it’s not, let’s fix that. I’ll help you make your calls to action obvious in order to convert users into customers.

A/B Testing

Ever wonder if adding a new feature or just changing the text on a button will improve your conversions? I do all the time, that’s why I love running experiments. With my services you get to test your assumptions with scientific certainty.

Research and Analytics

Most websites I work on have Google Analytics installed but very few site owners know what it all means. Let me make sense of all the numbers and help you track interactions on your site as they relate to your organization goals.

Performance Boost

Is your site slow? Can you load it on mobile? Just making your website load fast and usable on mobile can improve your conversions without changing a single line of copy or adding any features.


Is your meta configured? Do you have Search Console integrated into Analytics? Are you headings in proper descending order? Do even know what I’m talking about? I’ve been developing websites for a long time so I know every single item your website needs to be visible to search engines before we get into using query data to boost your page rankings.

Security and Accessibility

Having a secure and accessible site can positively impact your SEO as well as your conversions so let’s take a look under the hood to make sure everything is compliant. Adding a SSL certificate for free and adjusting color contrasts are just a few of the quick tricks up my sleeve to ensure your website is safe and usable by everyone.

How it works


Setting goals for your website

What are the goals of your organization? How can your website help you achieve those goals? Let’s answer those questions and set up tracking for the desired user behavior on your site.


Finding areas for improvement

With goals configured and tracked, we can now see how your content and features perform. I’ll use my years of experience to show you ways to make the most out of your site.


Implementing solutions

I don’t put post-its on a wall. I can actually practice what I preach. I’ll fix any errors first, then we can run A/B tests so we can have empirical data on whether or not the changes will work.


Analyzing the data

As part of the engineering design process, we’ll go through the numbers and determine next steps based on what the data says, not what I feel needs to be done. Numbers don’t lie and neither do I. Let’s be honest with ourselves and do it right.

Here's what you get

Even before I started coding, I used data to make decisions and measure the efficacy of my actions. Let’s make your website better with my years of experience and your institutional knowledge of your organization.

Goal tracking
Analytics training and guidance
Page load and user experience improvements
SEO visibility and keyword tracking
A/B testing and data analysis