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Frontend Developer
Democratic National Committee
  • Built and maintained a wide range of websites and frontend applications for the purpose of electing Democrats and engaging constituents.
  • Collaborated with digital and design staff to develop rapid response websites and Blue State Digital applications and provided training on how to manage assets that I created and inherited.
  • Created speed and mobile optimized templates as well as reusable frontend applications for rapid response.
Web Designer
  • Created Next Generation Science Standards lesson plans for middle school (6-8) science that integrated i-Tree applications and Casey Trees online resources.
  • Built several accessible and sustainable websites on with Drupal and Wordpress for non-technical clients in the nonprofit sector.
  • Wrote all-encompassing guidance as well as hosted in-person trainings so my clients could manage their products on their own.
Web Comms Specialist
Office of the State Superintendent of Education
  • Established a sustainable workflow and structure for a DC Government agency website along with its social media and various program sites.
  • Designed and distributed email newsletters with GovDelivery and MailChimp, along with multiple one-time distributions for events and special programs.
  • Trained employees on solutions I created with Eventbrite, Google Drive, Microsoft Office, and Sharepoint.
Field Organizer
Organizing for America Virginia
  • Increased Obama supporter turnout in my polling precincts through the recruitment and training of neighborhood volunteer teams.
  • Built a grassroots organization of volunteer leaders to establish canvasses, phone banks, register voters, and enter data in order to increase election day turnout.
  • Trained fellow field organizers how to optimize data for maximum volunteer recruitment and voter persuasion efforts with NGP-VAN and created solutions for field office IT issues and election day reporting.
Corps Member
Teach for America
  • Incorporated EdTech solutions for classroom management, daily instruction, and parent outreach.
  • Analyzed data from weekly assessments to create optimized lesson plans for dynamic clusters of students.
  • Led trainings and aided in the setup of classroom technology for my fellow faculty members.